Spotlight: Allude #SS17


Blending ultra feminine silhouettes with luxurious fabrics: Allude #SS17.

Formed over 20 years ago by Andrea Karg, Allude brings us some of the most understated, yet versatile pieces each season.

Looking at the what the brand has done for #SS17, it is evident that the brand has re-applied their winning formula. We find flexible uses of virgin wool throughout the pieces, in soft colour palettes such as ivory, powder pink and beige.

One of the greatest parts of this collection however is the material. Having never been spun, dyed or processed previously, the wool is able to retain a much stronger colour and has a much more luxurious feel.

The ultra feminine silhouettes blended with the soft palette really gives way not easy combinations within your wardrobe, but these are certainly transitional pieces that will carry through as time progresses.

Allude #SS17

Virgin Wool Short Sleeve Dress


Allude #SS17

Virgin Wool V-Neck Sweater

Allude #SS17

Virgin Wool Turtleneck



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