Smarteez Flowing Blouse Black

Smarteez Flowing Blouse Black

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Black flowing blouse with relaxed fit long princess sleeves and strings at the cuffs and back. The back is longer than the front and it has two slits on the sides. This blouse doesn't restrict movements and sits well on any figure. Perfect to get an elegant and classic outfit combined with heels.

Fabric: 100% silk

Washing Instructions: Dry clean only

Country of Origin: Italy

Colour: Black


About Smarteez

Smarteez is produced and distributed by Plisse’ spa. Founded in 1988 by Morena and Paolo Mason Plisse’ is now one of the most prominent companies of the contemporary Italian fashion scene. A family company, where the whole production process is strictly made in Italy, from the choice of the fabric suppliers through to design process and the distribution.

Smarteez is designed by Marta Forghieri. The Milan born designer trained in central St. Martins and IED Milan after a BA in Art History and Aesthetics. She lived in Berlin and London before she decided to move back to her hometown and after joining Plisse’ and having two kids she eventually decided to stay.

Smarteez was launched when Morena, ad of Plisse’, and Marta had the chance to meet, they immediately had a great feeling and they shared the vision of an innovative collection able to offer a high fashion product at the right pricing point, shaped from researched and refined fabrics and contructions.

The name pays tribute to the sharp elegant, colorful, street-savvy look of the young south africans fashion crew, who refuses to be beholden to the past. And refers to what is smart in itself. Smarteez is a brilliant collection, where colors and volumes are combined to create new silhouettes by mixing the codes of classic sportswear and feminine daywear.