Orciani Mini Leather Bag Silver

Orciani Mini Leather Bag Silver

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Silver mini handbag featuring grained leather, chain decoration on flap's outline, adjustable handle, removable and adjustable leather straphidden opening on the upper part of the flap, inside zip pocket, two inside small pockets and magnetic closure.

Fabric: Leather

Country of Origin: Italy

Colour: Silver


About Orciani

A Brand that, over time, has acquired a clear identity, capable of innovating without ever betraying its identity, where PAST and FUTURE come together to create a TIMELESS object The Brand's founder and creative spirit.
With his drive to surprise, experiment and innovate, his belief in a project has transformed it into the successful business we see today. Every product is born from his passion, with its indissoluble blend of craftsmanship and creativity.

An eclectic figure who stands apart from the crowd, Claudio Orciani has also worked with famous artists Arnaldo Pomodoro, Mario Ceroli and Valeriano Trubbiani to produce a limited edition of three "art" belts. This was back in 1997, as the book with introduction by Gillo Dorfles tells us.

Rock music and its spirit are also a source of inspiration for Orciani, who creates artistic guitars by combining parts of belts, bags, gloves, wallets and research prototypes.

Orciani is also a business that protects nature and uses alternative energy sources. Its plant has a photovoltaic system supplying a geothermal unit to provide heating or cooling. Our company uses 100% renewable energy, with EECS-GO certification.