Pops of Colour


Adding pops of colour to your outfits this season just got easier.

Bright colours and spring | summer just go hand-in-hand really.

However, at times you find those really special pieces that are just so bold that you cannot say no.

We’re here to show you a few of our favourites.

Pops of Colour

Rag & Bone Valentina Cashmere Sweater in Bright Blue

Pops of Colour

Rag & Bone Valentina Cashmere Sweater in Kelly Green

The Valentina cashmere sweater from Rag & Bone has been a huge favourite of ours since it landed on our hangers. The Bright Blue and Kelly Green are such striking tones, that they bring out the best in your outfits.

Furthermore, the cashmere used in the style is so luxuriously soft and comfortable that it makes these pieces all the more enjoyable.

As we finally move into the warmer months, layering is finally becoming a thing of the past (for now). A simple shirt, or tee underneath a good leather is a great combo in the evening during the summer.

The best person to call upon for just that? Sylvie Schimmel.

Pops of Colour

Sylvie Schimmel Lambskin Biker Jacket

This lambskin biker jacket is a great choice for just these occasions. Boasting a good weight -not too light, yet won’t weigh you down – it makes leaving the house snappy, yet chic.

Pops of Colour

Shirtaporter Multicolour Military Jacket

This military jacket from Shirtaporter is a great choice in the same way. Lightweight tweed, and one of the most vibrant colour combinations you’ll find. A sure-fire standout piece.

Of course accenting your outfits with colour can be just as enjoyable through accessories.

Pops of Colour

Faliero Sarti Enrica Cashmere Blend Scarf

This Enrica scarf from Faliero Sarti is such a great addition both because of how light the fabric is, but also how vibrant the colour is.

Pops of Colour

BAMS Suede Zip-Up Ankle Boot

Another piece that we’ve had a crush on since it arrived are these BAMS suede ankle boots, and let’s just say that the love hasn’t died out. We can hardly get enough. Not only is the colour beautiful, but that sparkly block heel has us mesmerized.

There really is so much more to explore in the collections this season, including Hale Bob‘s vibrant and eclectic prints. Take your pick!



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