The Core of Paulie

Paul Davis is proven entrepreneur. His previous successes include Ted Baker, PND and Coast, where he was a key member of the original founding teams. He has a strong creative background in design and source. In his early years, he created and produced numerous collections for various brands and has the proven ability to deliver exciting new concepts.








In 2007 Paulie was founded with one vision: to unite the world’s most exciting contemporary luxury brands. Over the last decade, we like to think that we have made significant strides in achieving this goal. Paulie has worked with more than forty-five emerging and established brands, bringing them into one of the world’s most diverse fashion hubs in London.


Paulie Brand

Paulie was founded in September 2007 to fulfil our longstanding ambition to create and build a contemporary shopping experience. With service and understanding being the key slogan of our retail teams.

The first Paulie store opened in September 2007. The second store quickly followed in October 2008. Due to our increased reputation and customer awareness, we launched our e-commerce site in June 2015.

Paulie has benefited from a unique supply base and has built a design, source and supply chain in Italy and France. This strong vertical operation has allowed Paulie to create its own collections which sit alongside numerous new and exciting brands.

Classic and innovative, our trousers and shirts are designed for empowered and ambitious women. The creation of these iconic pieces begin at our London office. From sourcing numerous high-quality fabrics to creating the sketches, Paul’s design influence will form the core of each new collection. He will then work closely with our factory to ensure we maintain the high standard of quality which forms the ethos behind our brand.


We like the electric, contemporary and unique. We enjoy being on the fringes of fashion – we get to discover and be a part of some of the world’s best emerging brands. In addition, we carry our line that is inspired by the Italian and French aesthetics that we regularly surround ourselves with. We pride ourselves with exclusive design and limited production. This ensures our Paulie collections are always special and unique. The purpose is to have a collection of pieces that can integrate into the everyday wardrobe, while still being bold enough to add vibrancy to your style.

Style isn’t defined by centimetres. We believe in variety and diversity, so all our collections include a wide range of sizes.

Our principal commitment we hold near and dear, is being able to bring our clients new, exciting and diverse pieces that would ordinarily be out-of-reach. The strategy for Paulie is to continue to develop a strong influential brand which allows us to operate and serve without restrictions or boundaries. The collection and the service are highly personalised. By delivering a unique shopping experience the retail team ensures our customers are in an environment that they can trust and feel comfortable.


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