It’s official, we’re in holiday mode.

We’re touring our favourite places in our favourite pieces. So join us as we break down some of this season’s best additions to your summer packing.


The warmth and colour of the Greek islands is like no other, and we cannot wait to get there.

The best thing about the arrival is being able to take a couple of layers off, and the pieces that come in handy the most are those that you can fit straight into your carry-on.

Holiday Mode

PAULIE Linen Vest Top

The PAULIE linen vest tops are great for just this purpose. Something that you can wear on the way there (depending on how warm it is when you leave), or just keep it safe in your carry-on and you can change just before you land.

Holiday Mode

Autumn Cashmere Tassel Detail Tank Top

This version from Autumn Cashmere is a great alternative for a tank top that is slightly less casual, and can be dressed up a little more. Plus, the tassel detailing is a great touch for adding an extra element to an outfit.

In the evenings when it can be a little chillier, a light knit can be the best route to take.

Holiday Mode

Autumn Cashmere Cropped Cardigan

This cropped cardigan from Autumn Cashmere is ultra feminine and has enough detail to make the piece stand-out on its own.

To complete a look we believe strongly in a loose-leg trouser when on holiday. One of our favourites from our own collections this season are our belted wide-leg trousers.

PAULIE Belted Wide Leg Trousers

The classic elements that the trousers bring together – from the fit and the colour – brought together with the feminine touch of the belt.

An even more feminine touch to play around with is combining a skirt into your outfit.

Holiday Mode

PAULIE Lace Detail A-Line Skirt

The PAULIE lace detail A-line skirt falls wonderfully and adds a playful touch. In addition the cream colour softens the palette and allows for easy outfit building and colour combinations.

Of course, a holiday isn’t complete without a chance to pull out a one of your favourite dresses – and a shift or maxi is great option.

Holiday Mode

Hale Bob Izidora Spackled Maxi Dress

Hale Bob always have great choices when it comes to summer-wear. A combination of lightweight fabrics and eclectic prints makes the clothes easy, yet just as a fun to wear.

Holiday Mode

Shirtaporter Sleeveless Shift Dress

If you’re leaning towards a more refined option, say for the evening, then Shirtaporter’s shift dresses are sure to satisfy. The simple, tailored cut coupled with the feminine bow detailing on the spine really make this dress a keeper.

When on holiday, one of the key accessories that we can’t be without are a good bag, and a good hat.

On your holiday, being able to fit all of your necessities in your bag along with it looking good shouldn’t be something that you have to worry about. We like ease of mind, and Hogan is right there to provide this.

Holiday Mode

Hogan Bi-Colour Leather Crossbody Bag

The Clubing Bag is a perfect example of this. A generous enough size, beautiful yet durable grained leather all-over, and a crossbody strap for easy carrying.

Holiday Mode

Ermanno Lace Detail Sliders

Then to finish the look off, throw in some of the Ermanno sliders in black or white and your holiday just got even better!



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