Vivetta Ponti grew up surrounded by antiques, art and nature in the idyllic Italian town of Assisi. Moving to Florence to attend the Academy of Fine Arts, the creative honed her skills in Bologna and Milan where she continued her studies before falling in love with the world of fashion. Whilst working for a series of luxury brands Vivetta began to learn everything about the embroidery and elaborate embellishment techniques that would go on to form the foundations of her eponymous label.
Deciding to go solo in 2009, Vivetta debuted at White Milano before being selected by Giorgio Armani to take part in a group show at Armani’s iconic venue during the Autumn/Winter 2015/16 Fashion Week in Milan. Vivetta has gone on to win the Tao Award, become the first designer to join the Swarovski Collective project and show in Beijing as part of the Mercedes-Benz International Design Exchange Program.