Lou Andrea

Founded in 2008, the brand of Lou Andréa offers the world the choice of its ready-to-wear coat collections in wool fur and leather, avant-garde, libertarian, dedicated to all women.

You’ll find the brand has a large variety of luxurious materials and mostly sustainable fabrics.

His visionary designer, Eva Abessera, with an eye for the latest style in fashion, is always ahead of the game.

From the start, Lou Andrea began exhibiting collections at all the international fashion fairs, collections which were then displayed in the top fashion stores bringing the best of fashion concepts to stores across the globe.

Well recognised as a brand in its own right, Lou Andrea also collaborates with many other brands to create private label collections in the best of French tradition.

Lou Andrea assertive personality, confident in her taste and experience, brings a consistency and control to her collections.

Lou Andrea collections is for those who believe that, as the brand says, “fashion should never be in the museum, but in the street”.

Lou Andrea takes pride in engaging in an ecologically conscious approach through every step of a garment’s creation. Whether it’s alpaga, wool or shearling, we strive to partner with other eco-conscious companies, ensuring the best practices and materials are used to protect the environment.