0039 | ITALIA

It’s always amazing what inspiration can germinate from a small room. A 12 square metre booth at Fashion Fair in Paris to be exact. It is here, in 2001 that 0039 Italy gave birth. By releasing the traditional blouse from her imprisonment, this stylish and trendy facelift of the fashion basic piece was only the beginning of the German brands success story. A success story which is currently featured in 50 countries worldwide (covering four continents).

0039 Italy continues to expand its influence and is today synonymous with a casual, Mediterranean lifestyle: Contemporary, relaxed – authentically, specifically Italian. As are the fabrics, that are designed from concept to production in Italy. It is in this way that 0039 Italy is able to deliver on its promise and assure its customers exclusive quality, unique prints and colours, casual cuts and the ideal fit at shoulders and waist.