Scarves are back!

Posted on July 20 2018

Scarves are back!
Beautiful scarf most of the time can be the top detail to compliment your outfit. Scarves have become a wardrobe essential. The most exciting thing about scarves, is that they can be worn and styled in so many different ways.
Let’s take a look at square scarves - less common these days, but still very popular. Scarves like bandanas, that are more likely to be in use for active occasions, or neckerchiefs, that are more likely to be worn by flight crew. What is more, both of these can be worn and styled as headscarves. You can find them in solids, floral, prints, stripes and plaids.

On the other hand, we have Pashima scarves, that are made from wool of the Kashmir Pashmina goat. Most of what you will find in the stores is a knock-off typically made of cashmere, a silk/pashmina blend or even cotton. Originally, Pashima scarves are large, rectangular shaped, that can be worn on the head, neck and shoulders. But you can find them in medium or large squares.

Scarf can be a perfect detail to compliment your jacket. Let's say, black leather jacket would look amazing with vibrant, printed, large silk scarf rapped around ones neck. With a piece like a blazer, it would be best to wear jersey scarf, that would bring extra cosiness to the look. If it is a warm summer day, make sure to compliment your look with most exciting scarf to bring extra joy to your look. Do not be afraid to let the colours or any other interesting print, such as flowers, brighten yours and anyone else’s day.

I am happy to announce, that this year, yet again, we are lucky to help you find the best scarf.

One of our favourite Italian scarf genius brand Faliero Sarti came back with even more exciting collection. Super fresh, young, vibrant and of course top quality scarves, that can be found in stores and soon online.

Don't miss it, because women go crazy for them.