How to wash your down jacket: Add revels its secrets

Posted on February 18 2019

How to wash your down jacket: Add revels its secrets

How to wash your down jacket

A down jacket is daily pampering for any woman. Soft, comfortable, warm: it takes us through the whole winter, protecting us from the coldest days. When it is time to wash it, we want to give it the same protection and care. For this reason, add, the brand that made high-quality down jackets its trademark, shares its secrets to machine-wash your down jacket without fear: a few simple steps to take care of your favourite piece of clothing at home.


  • Step 1

Prepare your jacket for washing
The first step to follow prior to machine-washing your down jacket is to prepare it for the procedure. Fur trimmings, if any, must be removed and washed separately. It is essential to make sure that the jacket’s internal label does not bear the icon with the washing machine crossed over. Using the dryer is never recommended.

  • Step 2

Machine-wash your down jacket
The recommended temperature to machine-wash your add down jacket is 30°C and the knob must be set on Delicate.

  • Step 3

Dry the down jacket
As soon as the washing cycle is complete, you can place your jacket horizontally on a rack near a heat source. It is very important to ensure that the jacket is not directly in contact with heat.

  • Step 4

Fluff the feathers
Once dried, shake your add jacket vigorously to distribute the feathers uniformly.

  • Step 5

Now you can go out with your add down jacket and enjoy your winter!



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