Hana San, the shirt and the cotton

Posted on May 03 2019

Hana San, the shirt and the cotton


Hana San, the shirt and the cotton

The idea of Hana San can be summarized as the shirt and the cotton. Two timeless concepts reinvented to fit into a feminine and modern wardrobe. 

Hana San is a capsule collection whose creations are made from natural fibres, mainly cotton for its softness and its original white. 

Hana San is also the result of the passion of its creator, Carine Melkonian, for the Japanese culture, alliance between serenity and modernity. 

For its Spring - Summer 2019 collection, the brand offers a line of unpublished shirts with volumes studied.


The concept, cotton shirts

Using cotton for its softness, Hana San celebrates the timeless white shirt with a curated and carefully designed collection. 

Hana San 's Creative Director, Carine Melkonian, Channels of passion for Japanese culture and design, and tradition and modernity, and individuality and understatement ... 

Boasting modern, feminine silhouettes, distinctive fabric combinations and intricate detailing, we invite you to discover our exclusive range of Spring - Summer 2019 shirts by Hana San.


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The perfect shirt at work

Hana San reinvents the classic white shirt indispensable at work into a fashionable stylish version.  Brilliant simplicity and elegance, Hana San meets all the expectations of working women: clothes with natural materials and comfortable to wear. 

These shirts are easy to marry with any other piece. Skirts, chinos, trousers, jeans... you can wear your Hana San shirt on every occasion.

In the process of becoming iconic, the brand  Hana san has reviewed and corrected this timeless piece and gives it a wild side for a very contemporary look.