Discovering Forte Dei Marmi Couture

Posted on May 13 2019

Discovering Forte Dei Marmi Couture


 Forte Dei Marmi Couture


"Forte Dei Marmi Couture” is the name development of the well-known brand “Forte Couture”, which takes over the latter in 2017.

The entire brand is based on the double meaning of the word “Forte”, which in one word exemplifies the style and elegance which gravitates around the town of Forte dei Marmi and at the same time, expresses STRENGTH (the exact translation of the word FORTE), energy and impact.

The creation of each piece of the collection goes through a careful selection of the best materials and accessories, in order to please even the most critical eye, with an extreme care for detail and the latest fashion, together with original and dynamic personalisation.

Each item is designed to be a means through which who wears it, is able to express themselves and moreover stand out, amongst the rest of the standard fashion suggestion. Each piece is in fact developed directly in an atelier and not just imagined in an abstract manner.

Each sample is in fact created with concrete attention to every single detail and then reviewed until it reaches the maximum expression together with the beauty of proportion and colours.

The production follows the most strict quality standards, keeping to a strict crafted finishing process, in order to give the final product a modern vibe, together with a feel for Italian sartorial tradition.

The brand, constantly growing, can be found in the best retailers of the world and is appreciated for its constant capacity of changing, but keeping as a foundation, it’s young and strong DNA from where it comes from.


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