Christmas Getaways

Posted on December 18 2018

Christmas Getaways

Christmas Getaways 2018

The festive season is an extremely special time of year, filled with celebration and cheer. For the perfect festive getaways, you can enjoy your Christmas in a cosy cottage within the beautiful surroundings of the UK or a relaxing cruise through the Mediterranean Sea.

At Paulie, we have the perfect outfit for every occasion. From the sunny coasts of Lanzarote to the snowed mountains of Scotland. Spend this special time with your loved ones… and, why not make the most of your time and turn it into a memorable holiday?

  1. Canary Islands

If there is a place where you can enjoy an average December temperature of 22℃ then the Canary Islands are the most spectacular. Thanks to the unbeatable combination of year-round sunshine, stunning beaches, and incredible landscapes that encompasses volcanoes, forests, mountains and desert planes, the Canary Islands are a holiday destination to enjoy alone, with your partner or with the family.

What can I wear? Due to the warm weather throughout the year, our beautiful pre-collections will cover your every need, from those hot days to cool evenings.

joie pre collection


  1. Skiing in Scotland

As snow conditions have improved over the last few years, Scotland has become one of the favourite places to spend the festive holidays. While you practise your favourite winter sport you can spend your downtime in a cosy cottage. Nothing better than having a warm tea next to the chimney in the middle of a snowed mountain.

What to wear? We have a wide collection of jumpers and fur accessories to combat the cold temperature. Max & Moi knitwear, Herno and Add puffers are our favourites.


  1. Christmas Cruise

It is also time to think about that special winter cruise. Whether it is a glacier cruising in Alaska, penguin sighting in Antarctica or discovering the festive winter delights of Europe. If you prefer to escape the cold, a Cruise around the Caribbean, Arabian Gulf, Australia or even the Galapagos Islands will be one to remember. – and not just because you’ll be trading the cold temperatures of the UK for sun-kissed landscapes. It’s also because you’ll be exploring new cultures, seeing wildlife straight out of Planet Earth and eating the local festive treats.

What to wear? Depending on your destination, if the cruise takes you to colder climates, our coats, cashmere sweaters and warm scarves will always be useful. But if you decide to head for warmer climates our pre-spring summer collections are a must.