#SS17: Almala Leather Has Arrived


Made in Italy with unique laser cut leather motifs and hand finished. We welcome Almala’s #SS17 collection.

This Italian born brand has kept true to its cultural roots with heritage and tradition remaining at the forefront.

The craftsmanship and techniques used by Almala speak to this legacy, and lend to the creation of these opulent and elegant pieces.

Starting the process with the finest leather hides, Almala carefully select and tan the material. Once primed for production, the hide is smoothed down, leaving only a beautiful finish allowing for a beautiful patina to develop as the piece matures.

Following on from this, a unique pattern is meticulously etched into the leather using advance laser cutting techniques. At the end of the process, the artisans hand finish the pieces by applying any embellishments and adding the final stitches.

Explore SS17’s exquisite pieces.

Lazer Cut Embellished Bag

Almala SS17

Laser Cut & Floral Embellished

Almala SS17

Laser Cut Clutch

Almala SS17

Leather Floral Embellished Necklace




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